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I know you have probably heard lots of the propaganda as to why you should get off your ass and work out. They say working out helps you to maintain lean body tissue, can help you look hot, and the list goes on and on.

The truth isthat anybody can work out for whatever reason they need. It is to attract the opposite sex, reduce stress, build self-confidence or enhance a sport.

My reason for writing this article is to motivate more people to get their ass to the gym today or at least make exercise a regular everyday habit. Whether you do it at home, in a park or the gym, it’s totally up to you.

But some people just aren’t bothered and make all sorts of explanations and procrastinate when it comes to exercises.

The main reason that I go to the fitness center is to increase strength, build muscle, improve health, look good and of course to reach my fitness objectives.

I love working my butt off at the gym, I am passionate about it and nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

If you aren’t used to exercising it can be rather tedious, especially if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Maybe you just don’t have the motivation to work out. If that’s the case, get yourself a workout buddy to make exercise more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work Out

  1. Reduce Stress

When you have are a hard day at work, try to do a 30-minute cardio workout. Trust me, it’s far better to do small than do less.

Get up an hour earlier every morning and go for that 20-minute jog or join a gym.

You will feel a lot better during the day if you make exercise a part of your everyday routine.

  1. More Energy

When you are feeling lazy, almost everything goes wrong. You put off things that your were supposed to perform.

Exercise provides you the energy to get through a busy day.

  1. Look Good

Not only does exercise make you lose weight, you’ll also look better in the clothing you wear. If you’re a woman, you may want to look good in those skinny jeans or tight skirt so that you don’t need to keep wearing that long dress that covers most of your physique.

If you’re a guy, there is nothing worse than wearing baggy trousers with your stomach hanging over it.

Being overweight can make you feel self-conscious in social situations, but if you get rid of the weight, you’ll find yourself being the life and soul of any party you visit. At least when Christmas rolls around, you won’t feel guilty about binge eating for just 1 day.


  1. Sleep Better

Whenever I work out, I never have a problem getting a good night’s rest.

  1. It’s Fun

For me, the only time exercise is not so enjoyable is when I did not get a good sleep the night because so I am feeling tired. Aside from that, exercise is a lot of fun, especially once you have a training partner to do it together with you.


A recent study by the journal behavioral brain research indicates that regular, steady state cardio such as brisk walking or running resulted in higher blood levels of hormones which is associated with a powerful memory.

  1. Reduce The Risk of Cancer
  2. Feel More Confident

After all that hard work from working out in the gym, while gaining muscle and strength, it is no wonder why you would not feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. And of course the more your friends and family compliment in your body, the more confident you will feel.

  1. Improves Your Mood

If you end up sitting at home doing nothing but feeling anxious or depressed, a 20 minute walk or jog can boost your mood and make you feel happier and more relaxed.

We all have a bad day, but I’ve found exercise a excellent way to relax our minds so that we can think of a solution to any problems within our own lives.

Anytime I feel stressed, I put on my trainers and head outside for a 20 minute jog and that always puts me in a better mood than before. There is nothing quite like having that spring in your step that you get from jogging or running. Feels great!

So if you’re not into the entire gym scenario that is perfectly okay, but so long as you get off your ass and make an effort to work out a couple of times per week. Trust me, you’ll be doing your body a massive favor when you do.

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